SASSA Social Relief Of Distress Grant For Disaster 2022

SASSA Social Relief Of Distress Grant For Disaster 2022

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SASSA Social Relief Of Distress Grant For Disaster 2022  , South African Social Security Agency SASSA will give Disaster Relief Grants to people in need.apply now. Grants for Disaster Relief from SASSA in 2022 – Social Relief of Distress An agency called SASSA is a department in the Department of Social Development that is in charge of implementing Section 3 of the Social Assistance Act. SASSA is in charge of implementing this law.

Who can apply for social relief of distress (SRD)

People who have been through a crisis or disaster can get help for a short time. It’s mostly for people who can’t meet their families’ most basic needs.

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Which SRD is provided by SASSA during a crisis disaster?

A food voucher worth R1200 was given to each family.

  1. In this case, 2) R1980.00 x 2 (total amount paid per family.) Family members who died in a disaster can get money or food vouchers worth R3,960. This is for a family that lost a lot of people.
  2. Learners who lost their school clothes in a disaster are given new ones.
  3. R2,700.00 for a girl
  4. R2,500.00 for boys

To get a food voucher, I need to fill out a form. Please send your contact information to the ward council in your local municipality or to the social worker in your area.

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How long will I get it SASSA Social Relief Of Distress Grant :

When the people love will return to normal, only for one month. The other forms of SRD, like R350, will still be available for people who are having a hard time.

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When do I get the coupon?

After the assessment is done, the application is processed right away. Once the voucher is approved, it is sent out.

The person to call for more information:

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SASSA Toll Free Number: 0800601011 or SASSA Regional Call Center 0338463400.

SASSA Social Relief Of Distress Grant For Disaster 2022

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