Npower batch c Stream 2 Biometrics portal News

Npower batch c Stream 2 Biometrics portal News

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Npower batch c Stream 2 Biometrics portal News

In today’s latest Npower news, we’ll talk about What to Know About the Npower batch c Stream 2 Biometrics portal News, so if you’re a Npower applicant waiting for Stream 2 shortlisting, come here!

Remember that there was an update about stream 2 shortlisting for biometric verification a few months ago, and most of you got your fingerprints taken at that time.

But Npower acted quickly and put the exercise on hold, saying that the change in biometrics verification was only for the supplementary list for stream 1. However, most of the applicants on the supplementary list for stream 2 had already had their fingerprints taken because their verification status had also changed. Read details here The most recent news from Npower about the new batch C supplemental shortlisting

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But Npower sent out a new update on May 14, 2022, saying that they had started the Shortlisting process stream 2 and told Npower applicants to start capturing their biometrics, which had been put on hold a few months ago. Here is where you can find the new instructions. Nasims tells Npower Batch C Stream 2 to start collecting biometrics.

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Biometrics portal

Most of you have already done the biometrics capturing, so if you go to your Nasims dashboard and look at the verification status, you will see that your fingerprint has already been taken. If this is the case, you don’t need to worry or stress out because it means you’ve already done your biometrics and don’t need to be caught again.

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Even so, if you applied for Npower but weren’t chosen for stream 1 or stream 2 biometrics verification, log in to the Nasims dashboard at to check on the status of your verification application. You might get lucky this time, and if you’ve already taken your biometric fingerprints for stream 2, you don’t have to do it again.

Npower batch c Stream 2 Biometrics portal News

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