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Nigerian Youth Invesment Fund 2020/2021 Shortlist [NYIF] Training, Start Dates , Center

Did you applied or you just apply and you need any information about: 

  • Where are they closing the form
  • When did they started
  • Their Screening centre and many more

Then this post is for you.

The Nigerian Federal Government created NYIF in order to eradicate poverty and create a business loan of about 500,000 youth annually betwen 2020 – 2023.

NYIF Shortlist, Training Start Dates, Training Centres | Details

Shortlisted Candidates for the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF)

If your application for the youth investment fund was correctly submitted, then you don’t have to worry as the NYIF Shortlist will be in batches. For you not to miss your chance of participating in the program, do the following;

  • Check your email (all inbox including spam folder) regularly
  • Keep checking this page (techacademy blog)as we’ll keep you updated on the NYIF shortlist 2020 progress
  • Check regularly also, the official NYIF website (, for important updates on the program.

How to Check if You Have been Shortlisted for NYIF

Checking if you have been shortlisted for the Nigerian youth investment fund is simple, visit the Nigerian youth investment fund website for news on short-listing of candidates and then proceed to check your email.

  • Proceed to your email platform – Google, Yahoomail, Others
  • Login to your email account on your PC/Mobile device (must be email address you used in registering for NYIF.
  • Check for a message named EDC in your email folders.
  • If you find the ‘EDC’ message subject, click to see the message from NYIF.
  • If check all folders and find no message from NYIF, then wait for it.

Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) Training Centres

At the point of applying for the NYIF program, applicants were asked to choose from the following NYIF training centres;

>National Youth Development Centre (North East) – Biu – Bi Road, Gombe and Borno States

>National Youth Development Centre (North West) – Takai – Sumaila, Kano State

>National Youth Development Centre (North Central) – Lamingo, Jos – Plateau State

>National Youth Development Centre (South East) – Mbakwu, Awka North, Anambra State

>National Youth Development Centre (South West) – Ode-Omu, Osun State

>National Youth Development Centre (South South) – Ikom – Obudura, Cross River State

Bear in mind that you will be posted to any of the training centres above, based on your state of residence.

NYIF Training Start Dates

NYIF training will be in batches just as the shortlisting is in batches. It will comprise a 5-day training session to coach you on your chosen business. Specific start date for your training will be communicated on your training invitation message.

Having let out the tips above, be rest assured you can also get access to the NYIF shortlisted names right on this page as the batches rolls out.


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