Had Low JAMB Score? See How to Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score in 2021

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 Complaining because you scored low in JAMB examination will not change your JAMB score neither will it make you gain admission into your dream school. If you scored very low in the just concluded JAMB examination and you don’t know what to do, don’t panic at all. This article will proffer the best solutions for 2021 JAMB candidates who scored very low in JAMB examination. All i want you to do, is to read carefully as i will show you how to gain admission with low JAMB score.

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What to do if you have low JAMB score

Apply for a less competitive institution:

Yeah! If you scored low in JAMB examination and really want to gain admission into any tertiary in Nigeria, you can simply apply for JAMB change of institution form. In the form, change your institution to any other institution that is less competitive and easy to gain admission into.

If you don’t know the right institution to choose, simply click here to see my list of less competitive universities that offer admission easily. Trust me; this is one of the cogent solutions for JAMB candidates who scored very low in JAMB examination. Just search for any good but less competitive university or polytechnic you like, and make it your first choice in the JAMB change of course and institution form.

Least i forget, when choosing another institution, make sure that your low JAMB score will be accepted in the new university you chose.

Change your course to a less competitive course:

Another option available to those who scored very low in JAMB examination, is to change the course they initially want to apply for. With JAMB change of course form (Usually sold at N2,500), you can change the course you applied for without any problem. The change of course form normally comes out after JAMB UTME. So you don’t need to worry.

All you have to do, is to change the course you applied for to a less competitive course (That is, a course that don’t require high JAMB score). That way, you will be able to gain admission with your low JAMB score.

Apply for admission in schools that don’t require JAMB result:

I know it will sound surprising to you, but it is the truth. There are many schools in Nigeria that don’t require JAMB results to gain admission. So, if your JAMB score is very low. For instance, if you score 100 – 150 in JAMB; and you still want to gain admission into a university in Nigeria, simply search for any university that don’t request for JAMB result, and you will gain admission.

The only problem here is that, most of the universities that don’t require JAMB result to offer admission are highly expensive. So, if you want to take this solution, make sure you have enough money to apply for the university.

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Study harder for post UTME screening:

For those who want to study a course that requires at least, 250 – 300 in JAMB, and we’re unable to reach that score; this solutions is basically for you. Here, you have to work harder to pass post UTME screening examination excellently.

Post UTME is an examination that is conducted by every university in Nigeria to retest aspirants before they can be given admission. In most cases, post UTME determines whether or not, an aspirant will be offered admission. In other words, post UTME score can augment JAMB score for admission.

This is basically why this point is a cogent solution to those who scored low in JAMB examination. If you can prepare very well for post UTME screening examination, you can augment your JAMB score and gain admission without giving out money to anyone. I already have a comprehensive article on how to pass post UTME in Nigeria. Click here to read my article on how to prepare for post UTME examination of any university in Nigeria today.

Apply for admission in a private institution:

Most private institutions in Nigeria don’t always request for JAMB result before they offer admission. Even when they request for JAMB result, they won’t make it a must that you must reach up to a particular JAMB score. So, if you want to study courses like; law, medicine, pharmacy, accounting or political sciences and you only have 180 in JAMB, there is no problem with your score.

Simply apply for that your course in a private university and you will be surprised how easily you will be offered admission. Your JAMB is not too relevant. Just make sure that you have enough money to apply for such school.

Yes! These are the options available to every JAMB candidate who scored very low in the just concluded JAMB examination. I hope that after reading this, you will no longer ask the question “I scored low in JAMB what should i do?”. Just use any of the solutions listed above, and you will still gain admission this year. If you have any question on how to gain admission with low JAMB, do ask me using the comment section.

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