Friday 22 April 2022 Fmardpace Payment News

Friday 22 April 2022 Fmardpace Payment News

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Friday 22 April 2022 Fmardpace Payment News ; All the news about Fmardpace payments for today and tomorrow, Friday 22 April 2022 see detail

There was a meeting of 36 Fmardpace Enumerators Representatives on April 20, 2022, and we’ll be telling you about it in our Fmardpace Payment News for Friday, April 22, 2022. I hope you’ll keep reading!

In the meeting between Npower reps and fmardpace officials, the welfare director, Mr. Godwin Agasi, said an opening prayer for the meeting.Some people might also want to check out FMYSD Set To Disburse New NYIF Loan To 25000 Beneficiaries.

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Abdullahi Adamu Ahmad, who is also the chairman of the association, made a statement after the prayer. The meeting then asked 36 state and FCT enumerator representatives to give a short and detailed account of their meeting with an official from fmardpace at the bank of industry, a branch of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The official said that the Vice president and Andrew kwasari had promised to make sure that Fmardpace Enumerators were paid. All payment information was sent to the accountant General office for disbursement.

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(Fmardpace Payment News ) The presentation goes like this:

  1. As we all know, we get paid in batches. Our payments have already been processed, so we will all get paid at once because the money is already there. The official who processed and submitted the information for payment told the reps that they were going to get paid. They even said that the money for soil samples will be split up with the other payments that will be given out.
  2. As soon as our payment is done, the fertilizer subsidy grant payment will keep going. This is because it was only a third of the payment that was made.
  3. There haven’t been any concrete plans made yet about the fertilizer subsidy loan.

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It was already set up for the 2nd phase of the enumeration, so the enumeration will likely go on. That’s not what they told us. We made it clear to them that enumerators won’t work unless famers are given their subsidy grant and all promises were kept.

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  1. In the end, everything we’re going to talk about here is just what the director extension hinted at and told the reps during their last meeting with them.

Friday 22 April 2022 Fmardpace Payment News

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