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Become a world-class software
developer in just 6 months.

Decagon is a software engineering institute ushering in a new phase of tech-powered growth and prosperity in Nigeria by training and deploying an army of leader-developers. With a project-based curriculum, agile delivery methodology, mentor matching, and leadership modules, we transform any fast learner into a world-class software developer in just six months.
So what are you waiting for? Launch your career in tech today.
You can Get a job placement

Upon acquiring the skills, we will place you in a globally competitive job with our local or international hiring partners.

Pay as you earn

You pay back the cost of the program plus a modest premium once you start working. We also offer discounts for early repayment.

Learn from top-notch curriculum and instructors

Our curriculum was developed by practising experts and industry leaders from Oxford, Stanford and Google, and gets updated as technology evolves.

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