NDE Rural Employment Promotion (REP) 2022

Application Form/Link Portal for NDE Rural Employment Promotion (REP) 2022

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Application Form/Link Portal for NDE Rural Employment Promotion (REP) 2022. This scheme, developed by the National Directorate of Employment, is intended to help Nigerians find new employment opportunities. Applications for the training program are encouraged because it is intended to provide you with skills that will be useful in the workplace. More information can be found in the section below.

Farming demonstration and training approaches were used in capacity building for community empowerment and rural development under the RURAL AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING SCHEME [RADTS]. This training is intended for school leavers and other members of the rural community who wish to further their education.

The duration is three months. Training duration: one month of tutorial classes and practical demonstrations, followed by two months of attachment to well-established farms.

These are the skills that will be developed under this program:

  • Crop production
  • Livestock
  • Agriculture
  • Micro-livestock
  • Agro-services
  • Business training.

How to apply for NDE Rural Employment Promotion (REP) 2022

  1. Visit the NDE application portal https://nde.gov.ng/
  2. After you have login to the portal CLICK HERE on Apply now
  3. Fill in your correct detail exactly the way it is in your document e.g name, phone number, age
  4. Selected submit

 NDE Shortlisted applicants for  NDE Rural Employment Promotion (REP) 2022

All applicants who apply for

NDE Rural Employment Promotion (REP) 2022 are to note that Shortlisted applicants will be contacted through their email or phone number click here to see NDE Shortlisted portal.

Closing date for NDE Rural Employment Promotion (REP) 2022

As per concern the Closing date for NDE Rural Employment Promotion (REP) 2022 the closing date has not been official announce.

For more information about the Closing date for NDE Rural Employment Promotion (REP) 2022 CLICK HERE to visit the official website

Integrated Farming and Training Scheme [IFTS]

unemployed graduates from tertiary institutions are taught agri-business skills, life skills, and success attitudes that will enable them to manage mixed farming enterprises successfully as agric-preneurs. Following the training, beneficiaries are provided with a cash component that they can use to establish mixed farms at the IFTS Centers.

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Currently, the following states have IFTS centers:

  • Abia
  • Borno
  • Delta
  • Katsina
  • Kwara
  • Oyo

Period of Application: 3 Years

It is the goal of the Rural Handicraft Training Scheme [RHTS] to train rural farmer participants in the production and marketing of viable handicrafts in their own communities, using raw materials sourced locally. It is intended to generate an additional source of income for farmers during the off-season while also reducing idle time. The training will last four months and will have the following objectives:

These are some of the skills taught through this program:

  • Pottery
  • Basket weaving
  • Mat making
  • Hat making
  • Cane chair making

Training for after-radts:

Short-term training of one or two weeks in agri-business techniques in specialized areas such as:

  • Fish fingering production
  • Bio-fertilizer and Bio-pesticide production
  • Export-grade fish processing and fish oil production
  • Feed formulation and production
  • Seedling multiplication and agro-services
  • Bio-security and Biological Risk Management for Livestock Enterprises are two other areas of training that are available to students.

Participants will be guided through the process of risk assessment, formulation of appropriate bio-security/BRM plans for different classes of livestock, and the implementation and management of disease risk at a moderate cost using effective control measures as a component of total enterprise security during the training. In addition, participants learn what to do in the event of a disease outbreak.


NDE Agricultural park:

Is an all-inclusive agri-business cluster of commercial activities with a high employment generation potential that provides training, mentorship, and business support to the local agricultural community. Graduates and non-graduates are welcome to participate in the park, which is intended to equip unemployed youths with the necessary skills for successful management of technology-driven and innovative Small Scale Agribusiness enterprises.

There are two locations where the project has been established:

  • Akunnu Akoko North Local Government Area in Ondo State
  • Sabuwa Local Government Area in Katsina State


You must first register in order to be able to begin the enrollment process.

Before selecting a program or scheme, make certain that you have thoroughly reviewed all of the options and fully comprehended each one in order to make an informed decision.

Application Form/Link Portal for NDE Rural Employment Promotion (REP)

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