Apple AirPods Max review: disregard the over hyping

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 After a couple of years of rumors about an AirPods Studio, Apple has finally released its own over-ear, noise-cancelling earphones. But they don’t carry the bold “Studio” moniker. Instead, Apple chose to call them AirPods Max.

What are the AirPods Max in a nutshell? Well, they provide a mostly comfortable fit, a look that is unmistakably “Apple”, excellent noise-cancellation, a very detailed sound, and a frequency response that is very “safe”. In other words, if you are in the market for excellent wireless cans, you can’t go wrong with these.

That is, if you are willing to pay $550 for them while there are some great options on the market that hover around the $300-$350 value (like the Sony WH-1000XM4).

Are the AirPods Max worth the $250 extra? Well, if you are deep into the Apple ecosystem, they might provide a couple of convenient extras, but honestly nothing too amazing


Apple AirPods Max review: disregard the over hyping
 Apple AirPods Max review: disregard the over hyping

At this point, you might be wondering “Well, are you recommending them or not?”. I have to say, I can definitely see the allure of the AirPods Max — the design is something you can’t find elsewhere, the AirPods-to-iCloud sync is something pretty cool that I always enjoy, and the sound is quite good. These will definitely have people lusting after them.

But if it were my money I was spending, I’d go for one of the lower-priced competitors.


Apple AirPods Max design

This is one of the points where the AirPods Max truly shines. They are elegant, clean, simplistic — very, very Apple-looking all around. This alone is something that hardcore Apple fans will want the AirPods Max for and there’s nothing wrong with that.

They are also entirely made of metal — from the stainless steel frame to the earcups. “Cool” you might say, but I will retort “Heavy as well”. To be fair the weight isn’t a huge issue — it’s something I got used to. Though, I definitely enjoy a light, “barely there” feel for my over-ears more.



The cushions of the AirPods Max are extremely soft and — even though the frame provides a slight squeeze over the sides of my head — the AirPods Max gave me no fatigue after hours of usage. The worst type of discomfort I got was a slight itch around the earlobes.

The mesh canopy on the headband works as advertised — it’s very soft and gentle on the top of my head




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