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We the management of  tech-academy  welcome you here in our platform home of  information relating to Job, loan ,npower news, recruitment , Scholarship, Educational Tips and other useful info etc. we are glad to have you. We provide you with first class information our team are working very hard to always provide you with the right  info you need.

We update you such as:

JOB:  As we all know getting a job is getting the right info so that is why we make sure we feed you here with right info. Job  is an activity, often  and often performed in exchange for payment (“for a living”).

EDUCATION: is an activities that impart knowledge or skill. Knowledge is power.  at www.techacademy.com.ng inculcate knowledge to our viewers by our articles which will articulate you on your set goal techacademy.com.ng give news reports on what occur in school world, everywhere  over the globe. Our article in techacademy will also help students looking for admission around the globe

 SCHOLARSHIP: Is a financial aid provided to student on the basis of academic merit. All you need is the right info our team is well train to provide you.

NOTE: The management of  techacademy will not ask you to bring money to provide you with  any of  the  information started above, we provide this  info free of charge. So if in any case some one try to fake our name in other to collect money from you telling you he has the capacity of giving you job, scholarship please ignore it. techacademy  will never ask you for money better still you can contact us by going to our contact page to drop your message or call via our mobile number.

Be reminded that all our information and updates are real not scam also from a genuine source We upload valuable facts here @ www.techacademy.com.ng

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