100 Possible Questions And Answer From JAMB 2021 Novel “Sweet Sixteen”

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In this article, I will reveal the Likely Questions & Answer From the 2021 JAMB Novel “Sweet Sixteen” to enable you to pass excellently.

As I have made it clear in one of my post that “Sweet Sixteen” is the approved novel which will be used by JAMB for 2021 UTME English Literature Examination.

I want to believe by now, you have registered for the 2021 UTME Examinations and obtained your own copy of the Sweet Sixteen novel.

Since the JAMB 2021 Registration has closed already.

It is also expected that you should have read and understood the novel completely to give room for the study of other tougher subjects in the 2021 UTME exams.

And if you’re yet to, you can follow this link to read JAMB Novel Summary.

These JAMB sweet sixteen questions and answers which will be listed below are more than just a guide to what that part of the Use Of English exams will look like in the real JAMB 2021 Examination.

I consider it more like an expo because if you’re able to study them well and answer them without having to cram, you’re as good as getting correctly all the questions in the novel section.

Without further ado, let’s quickly jump in the 200 likely questions and their answers o JAMB Novel 2021 which is “Sweet Sixteen

100 Likely Questions & Answer On “Sweet Sixteen”

Note – We’ll try our best to provide a page or pages for you to use as a reference for these questions and answers.

So please do check these pages as a reference on your Sweet Sixteen novel given to you when you register for JAMB.


Title : Sweet Sixteen
Author : Bolaji Abdullahi
Genre: Fiction
Format: Paperback
Dimension: 5.5X 8.5
Number of Pages: 157
Publication Year: February 1, 2017
Publisher: TND Press Limited
ISBN: 978-978-546-375-0.

Chapter 1(The Letter)

Question – At what age did Aliya read the book titled Sweet Sixteen?

Answer – 14 Years.

Question – What description does Aliya hate about her body?

Answer – She hates being called a fat girl.

Question – What description does she like about her body at sixteen?

Answer – Plus size, plumpy, chubby or simply a young adult.

Question – What job(s) does aliya’s father do?

Answer – Journalism, Public relations and he once worked at an organization that helps people in Africa.

Question – Which boy pronounced Mensuration as Menustration in a Mathematics(Geometry) class?

Answer – Akin.

Question – Aliya never liked which subject because she never got an A?

Answer – Chemistry(She later got an A though).

Question – What was the name of Aliya’s roommate who was slightly older than her?

Answer – Grace.

Question – Who invited Aliya to his office on her 16th birthday?

Answer – The principal of her secondary school(Name not mentioned in the book).

Question – The principal of Aliya’s school was from which tribe?

Answer – He was a TIV man.

Question – Who gifted Aliya a teddy bear on a certain Valentines day?

Answer – Tokunbo(popularly referred to as Bobo) gifted her a teddy bear because he liked her(See Page 5).

Question – Who made this statement in the book(Chapter one) “By the way, do you still have your inhalers“?

Answer – Aliya’s father(Mr Bello) to Aliya because she has been an asthmatic patient since childhood(See Page 6).

Question – Aliya didn’t return the Teddy Bear to Bobo because their discussion was interrupted by who?

Answer – Their discussion was interrupted by the Duty Master (See Page 7).

Question – Bobo and his parents relocated to which country?

Answer – The Republic Of Ireland (See Page 7).

Question – Aliya hated which subject because she felt it was so boring?

Answer – Geography (See Page 8).

Question – What were the contents of the box(Birthday gift) Aliya received from her father on her sixteenth birthday?

Answer -A birthday card that said “Happy Sweet Sixteen“, a portable camera and a spiral bound document which had a cover with “Letter To My Daughter” written on it(See Page 8).

Chapter 2(The Drive)

Question – What gift did Aliya’s father give her when he returned from his trip to London?

Answer – A Chelsea football club jersey which had her nickname(First Lady) inscribed on it(See Page 10).

Question – Why did Aliya envy the young girls who were hawking oranges and cooked groundnuts at the bus stop?

Answer – She believed that they were having fun and had the freedom to go anywhere they liked and meet different people(See Page 11).

Question – Aliya and her father stopped at which fast food to get ice cream and an orange drink?

Answer – They stopped at “Aunty Gigis” fast food(See Page 12).

Question – Who started teaching Aliya about Menstruation and S€x?

Answer – Her dad(Mr Bello)(See Page 13).

Question – Where did she(Aliya) get a copy of “Cosmopolitan” magazine which taught her about S€x?

Answer – At Aunty Moni’s room after she(Moni) left for school(See Page 14).

Chapter 3(Work)

Question – What happened to the tea which Aliya made for her dad

Answer – The milk was too much(See Page 17).

Question – Aliya caught a girl(her classmate) cheating in which subject?

Answer – She caught a girl cheating in a Physics examination(See Page 19).

Question – Who made his statement “That reminds me of the greatest poems ever, Ulysses, by Alfred Lord Tennyson“?

Answer – Aliya’s father during a conversation with her in his bedroom(See Page 21).

Question – According to the book, what was the motto for the 2012 summer Olympic games?

Answer – To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield(See Page 21).

Question – Who was Aliya referring to when she said: “A boy in my class said his father wants him to be a lawyer like himself but he doesn’t want that“?

Answer – Sogo(See Page 22).

Chapter 4(The Gandhi Test)

Question – Contents of the mahogany cabinet which contains Aliya’s dad travel memories include which pictures?

Answer – Arab boy riding a camel and a crystal, Burj Khali: the building in the world from Dubai, A Maassa couple from Nairobi, Effiel tower from Paris e.t.c (See Page 26).

Question – Aliya’s father met her mother(his wife) when?

Answer – They met when he was writing a report about some accident victims as a Cub reporter. Mrs Bello(his wife) was also a young nurse working in the accident and emergency ward(See Page 27).

Question – Aliya’s mother had a degree in _____ from _____ university?

Answer – She had a degree in Nursing from a University in the United Kingdom(UK) (See Page 27).

Chapter 5(Dating)

Question – Aliya’s father was a devout fan of which English football club?

Answer – Chelsea Football Cub(F.C) (See Page 30).

Question – What did Aliya mean by HAK and KOTL in the novel Sweet Sixteen?

Answer – HAK – Hugs and Kisses, KOTL – Kiss On The Lips (See Page 31).

Question – Which girl did Aliya see Bobo with towards the end of the term?

Answer – Morayo. They were walking to the refractory together(See Page 33).

Question – Aliya described Morayo as?

Answer – A slim and tall girl big eyeballs who was not as smart as she was(See Page 33).

Question – Who sent a stupid note to Aliya which contains: “Do you know any Cardiologist because my heart skips a beat any time I think of you

Answer – A guy called ZAK who was popular because he was in the football team(Page 34).

Question – Aliya’s father tuned into which station on the TV when he brought a pack of AA batteries for the TV’s remote?

Answer – SuperSports 3N (Page 35).

Question – Aliya told her father a story about how the security men in her school caught some students at the basketball court at night. What were they doing?

Answer – They were caught having s*x. Aliya called it 53X (See Page 36).

Chapter 6(Stereotype)

Question – What book did Aliya describe as a sleeping pill?

Answer – A book titled The Prophet. She read it while she was trying to wait for her dad at night(See Page 38).

Question – Who said Muslims will go to hell because they don’t believe in Jesus and like to kill people?

Answer – Rebecca. She was one of Aliya’s classmate school(See Page 40).

Question – What did the black man(a captured slave who was hale and hearty) do to his chief(a white man) slaver who was badly injured when their ship(the ship used in capturing him) capsized?

Answer – He nursed him back to health on an island(See Page 47).

Chapter 6 (Beauty)

Question – Who(a girl) made it her life and mission to always pick on Aliya because she thought Aliya was fat and proud?

Answer – Bummi. She was Aliya’s senior but they live in the same hostel at school(See Page 46).

Question – Who called Aliya FATima and later LatiFAT? Why and when did this happen?

Answer – Her Biology Teacher. It happened on a certain Monday morning during a Biology class and he called her those names because she was FAT(See Page 46).

Question – What would have been Aliya’s father action if she had told him earlier about the ridicule give to her by her peers in school because she was fat?

Answer – He would have taken to the case to the school’s principal(See Page 46).

Question – What was Aliya’s father response to her question on why some girls beach their skin?

Answer – He believed that they lacked self-confidence(See Page 48).

Question – What was Aliya’s father view of beauty?

Answer – He believed that a truly beautiful person is one who is beautiful in character and comportment(See Page 49).

Question – According to Aliya’s father, bullies are mostly driven by what?

Answer – He believed that bullies are driven by a deep sense of unworthiness and jealousy(See Page 50).

Question – What perfect post was given to Aliya when she entered SS3?

Answer – She became the Head Girl of her secondary school(See Page 51).


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